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Financial Support

The Western Club is self-supporting through contributions received from its meetings and from dues and contributions received from members of the Foundation.
Collections at meetings cover less than 50% of the costs of running the club, coffee, etc. The Foundation picks up the tab for all costs not covered by contributions. These costs include day to day operating expenses as well as all maintenance and repairs. Repairs and improvements happen quite often with an older building such as ours and are sometimes very expensive. AA suggests maintenance of a "Prudent Reserve" sufficient to cover six to twelve months of expenses. 
People who attend the Western Club are encouraged to support the Club both through contributions at meetings and/or by contributions to the Foundation, Becoming a Foundation Member or an Associate member
The Foundation's only purpose is to support the Western Club.
Contributions can be made at the Club, by mail, by automatic bank deduction, or by credit card. For contributions by automatic bank deduction, please print,complete and mail the authorization form for this purpose.