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Young People

The Western Club is over 43years old. The Club has a sobriety date "Birthday Board" which lists about 30 people each month with sobriety ranging from 1 year to over 40 years. These are celebrated in many ways and on any given day. The club is always seeking new members young and old. In recognition of this the club has designated 2 meetings as "Young People" meetings-One is at 8:00 PM on Saturday and another is at 8:00 PM on Thursday (We Care Birthday Group). More "Young People" meeting are needed.Young people are encouraged to get involved in these and other meetings. They are also invited to submit ideas for "fun" events or activities to the Activities Committee. There are specific young people groups like O.K.Y.P.A.A., I.C.Y.P.A.A., H.A.C.Y.P.A.A. All of these groups of young people have Committees. They also have Dances , Eat and Speaks, Movie Nights, Etc. (A Young Person is One Young At Heart Also) Come join the journey.